Friday, February 18, 2011

Some Illuminating Thoughts About Part 12

So I re-read part 12 of "Living Conservative in a Liberal World" and realized that some people out there might be wondering, what the heck does this have to do with being conservative or liberal? How does this post fit the theme I had proposed the first time I wrote a post under that title? It has to do with the conduct of the parents.

Conservatives believe strongly in self-reliance. They believe in taking care of themselves and their families. However, along with self-reliance comes self-control. Conservatives believe in the idea that one's actions and behaviors should, as much as possible, be appropriate and above reproach.

I have often watched people in the world be disrespectful of others. In an audience, the disrespectful person is carrying on a conversation during a performance, diminishing the enjoyment of the people around them who are trying to watch the performance. Then, when you dare to try to correct the poor behavior, they act as if somehow, by demanding appropriate audience behavior from them, you have offended them to the core of their very being.

This is the liberal/conservative issue here. Sadly, the problem is not isolated only to liberals. More and more conservatives have joined the cult of rudeness. In this time where people are begging for civility in public discourse, perhaps we could add a little less rudeness to the message.

8^) Jim
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