Saturday, February 12, 2011

On being a blogger ...

I find myself sometimes envying those other bloggers. You know the ones. The ones who get mentioned on talk radio, the ones whose blogs get mentioned in magazines, the ones whose blogs pay their bills.

But then I wonder, what would my life be like if I were one of those bloggers? I would probably be working harder on my blog. I would be reading more. So far, so good, right? I would have to be more on top of the news. What makes or breaks a blogger is being the first to mention or analyze an important news story. Well, if I were one of those bloggers, the mentions on the wider media would cause other media types (think the MSM), to notice me. If I were to happen to have a bad relationship that ends poorly, it would become something that would be used to discredit me.

I like my little blog. Sure, I could monetize it and put the effort into it to promote it and try to push myself to be on the leading edge of the news. To be honest, I don't think I could handle the strain. Maybe once, but now ... no, not so much.

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