Friday, February 18, 2011

Living Conservative in a Liberal World (part 13): I Can't Believe it Has Come To This!

I became a teacher to help kids. Period. I didn't want to do it because of summers off. I am in favor of year 'round schools. I didn't do it for the benefits, and I am grateful for them. I did it for the kids.

I am at home right now. I am at home because over 600 of my colleagues have called in sick out of protest over our Governor's budget repair bill which severely restricts the bargaining rights of public employee unions. It also puts in place a definite employee share to pension plans (right now I pay nothing ... Zero, zilch, nada) and to pay a percentage of the premium for my health plan (at the moment, I pay nothing, but I have to give credit to my union in that they had taken a baby step towards helping that situation in negotiating a 1% salary giveback to help pay for our benefits).

Now, my district is closed, many teachers are on their way to the state capitol to protest, and I am at home instead of where I should be: at school teaching my students.

I sat down last night and posted something overtly political on Facebook ... something I had never done before. I don't hide who I am: my political status on Facebook is "conservative, but not the scary kind." However, I see Facebook as a place for fun, not politics. Sadly, politics has invaded my Facebook. I am sure my rather strongly worded comment caught people off guard, but I am just that disgusted by this.

I have the greatest students I could ever hope to have. Even the ones who are more challenging are students with a bright future and they deserve better than they are getting from us at the moment.

So today, I sit at home, I write my blog and I wish that things were different.

8^) Jim
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