Monday, February 8, 2010

In this crazy life, who has time to blog?

OK, so it has been a MAJORLY long time since I have posted anything.  It isn’t that I haven’t had thoughts, but I have so many outlets for my thoughts (school, colleagues, friends) that I often purge things from my mind before I get a chance to write about it.  As such, I end up sometimes forgetting this blog.  Then today, something really profound hit me.

I have a friend.  She is one of those distant, once in a lifetime friends who bring your whole world into focus.  Not a romantic kind of friend (though it could have been once), but the kind of friendship that helps you define who you are and that keeps you from taking yourself too seriously.

My friend is in a rough patch in her life.  No job, very little money, but she manages to get by.  She has a blog that she writes in almost daily (sometimes more than once a day) and she has established herself as a semi-professional blogger.  I enjoy reading her blog and keeping up on the goings on in her life.  Her blog is about life in general (her life in particular) and I am often amazed at her positive outlook on life.

It has been said we rarely tell the people who are most important in our lives exactly what they mean to us.  Reading her blog has inspired me to make sure I write more in this blog.  I am going to cross-post between this blog and TCUNation, since both blogs cover the same topic but reach different audiences.

So in the interests of catching up, tonight I will cross post the current contents of the two blogs, and then, starting tomorrow, even if it is a minor observance, I am going to try like the dickens to post something every day.  Heck, maybe I will even theme the days and make little daily icons like she has.  In the mean time, check out her blog here.

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